Our Story

Hello~ Welcome to Milky Paw Scents! My name is Nina, and I am an independent artist living in Vancouver, Canada. Milky Paw started as a way to create hand-carved rubber stamps of my favorite anime characters for scrapbooking and card making until 2020 I was mentally breakdown during the lockdown and decided to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and be creative.

When I was at my lowest, I ran to the things that comforted me: spend my whole day watching some of my favourite animes while playing video games in bed as I lit a candle. I believe that candles are a gateway to experiencing a form of comfort and bringing positivity to one's life. I know myself and others have felt this through uniquely scented experiences. I also believe the same with engaging in various fandoms and nerd culture that I have devoted to since I was a kid. So why not merge the two? So that I can connect with fellow nerds like myself through something special and unique. Thus, Milky Paw Scents was born!

Milky Paw Scents is a reflection of the years I grew up surrounded by nerd culture and my love for the community itself. I want to share this experience with others and make friends along the way. Every single one of our candles is personally crafted and hand-poured with love in my tiny pink studio, within our family home. Each candle has a unique scent and was created using an all-natural coconut soy wax loaded with 10% high-quality, vegan-friendly fragrances in order to provide the best scent throw and longer burning time while we are transported into the world of our favorite show, book, anime, video game.

Thank you so much for supporting me and my dream. I have met so many incredible people along this journey, and I can promise you that while I hand-pour candles I also pour my heart into all that I do!